Are you planning a trip to Riga and want to attend a course in Latvian to find out more about the local culture as part of your itinerary? Do you work for a company in Latvia or a company based in Riga and you know it is necessary to learn basic Latvian to better succeed in your job? In this case Skrivanek Baltic Language School Latvian courses can help everybody meet their needs.

Skrivanek Language School is an educational centre with more than ten years of experience in providing language training solutions. We provide language training courses for companies and individuals and a course in Latvian is one of the best courses we offer. The Latvian course is widely attended by foreigners working in Riga or working distantly from other countries, or travellers who are interested in the language and the culture of this country on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

In-Company Latvian Courses

The Skrivanek team is experienced in offering flexible solutions for learners of Latvian from all over the world. We offer group learning on and off campus for companies who want their employees to learn Latvian. Your employees are welcome to our premises where we offer morning, daytime and evening classes. But if you prefer your own office, our teachers can provide a course in Latvian at your preferred time and venue. Individuals can also join our classes on our school premises.

Group Classes

The advantage of group learning is that learning is interactive, students get to practise Latvian with their group members simulating real life situations in role-plays and dialogues, and they learn to adapt to different communication speeds, accents as well as learn from each other’s mistakes.

Individual Classes

One-to-one classes are an ideal option for those who cannot attend a fixed timetable of a public course. After determining the client’s needs, we design a special timetable to fit the client’s needs and availability. Classes can be organised on our premises or at any other place and time convenient for you. A one-to-one class is the best solution for those who have their own needs in learning Latvian and want the tutor to help them with language points they are specifically interested in. Moreover one to one classes are convenient for those who have a busy life as in this way you can always arrange the next class each time you meet. Learners or travellers who are interested in a crash course in Latvian will find this solution advantageous.

Latvian Course via Skype

A Latvian language course via Skype is another flexible solution Skrivanek Language School offers to its clients. It has been proven based on our long-term experience that learning a Latvian course via Skype is a progressive and effective way of learning Latvian. Both the tutor and the learner can arrange a class online according to their availability and learn, talk about and discuss the main Latvian grammar and vocabulary language points or basic language for business communication.

Language Learning Method – EFFECTO

All of our tutors are native Latvian speaking professionals who have specialised in teaching Latvian as a foreign language and in classes they use English to communicate with learners in order to explain the main points in Latvian grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation so that you can learn to communicate in this language both in written and spoken form as soon as possible. Moreover Skrivanek has developed its own unique method EFFECTO to make the learning process fun and effective. Our EFFECTO method consists of five basic elements which we believe are most efficient to learn Latvian. EFFECTO’s five elements include – activity, inspiration, individual approach and guarantee. Whatever course in Latvian you take, you will always be involved in the learning process actively, our creative and skilful teachers will find the best material, content and methods, and prepare curricula especially for your learning needs, guaranteeing you success in mastering Latvian for business, social situations or travel.

The Skrivanek team are always prepared to approach every learner’s needs individually and we are happy to give our clients exactly what they need to learn Latvian. Choose the way you want to learn Latvian that suits you best, contact the Skrivanek team and we will be happy to provide you with the Latvian training service you need – a course in Latvian for socialising, travel or business!

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