Regardless of whether you work on the local or international market, it is important that every product or service you offer is noticed and recognised in the digital environment. You will gain the most success if you address your potential customers in their native language. The first step is localising and adapting your websites and advertisements to the local market and target audience.
When localising websites, SEO principles play a significant role, affecting the respective website’s ranking in organic searches (the browser’s results that match the entered keyword), as does online advertising with Google Ads that will help you make sure that the right customers don’t miss out on your one-of-a-kind offers.

Google Ads (AdWords) Translations

Making your website available in several languages will significantly improve its competitive advantage. Our specialists will localise your website according to the latest SEO principles to make it appear as high as possible in organic searches, as well as adapt keywords for Google Ads advertising to make sure your potential clients can easily find you.

The Main Google Ads Principles

Our localisation specialists are trained in the translation of Google Ads advertising texts and know how to find out the popularity of different keywords in the target language. For instance, when offering IT products, knowing what the potential buyers might call them is crucial. Thus our specialists will adapt the keywords to make sure users see your advertisement, regardless of what they call the respective product.


How Can Our Specialists Create a Custom Google Ads Advertisement for You?

Translating Google Ads and localising advertisements is no easy feat, which is why they are tackled by localisation specialists who are native speakers of the target language. A good Google Ads advertisement has three traits:

  • it fits within the character limit;
  • it is short and concise;
  • it is understandable to the customer.
Google Ads advertisements are not simply translated – our specialists recreate them in the target language, preserving the core idea yet presenting it in a way that speaks to the local users. It is especially important when advertisements are used in markets with different culture and understanding of good manners, formalities and advertising style.

SEO Translations

Websites appear higher or lower in lists of search results depending on how well they match the user’s entered keywords and potential needs according to the browser’s mechanical mind. Skrivanek localisation specialists are well versed in SEO principles, so, when localising websites for use in local markets, they take into consideration how high the website will rank in search results. 

SEO Principles

A website that has been created and localised according to SEO principles, will appear higher in organic search results (a good ranking is usually within the first three pages of search results). When localising your website, our specialists keep the chosen keywords and the set goal in mind to make sure your website complies with the browser’s requirements and your target audience’s wishes. Websites that are in synch with SEO principles have several essential advantages:

  • they appear higher in search results;
  • they match users’ searches more accurately, reducing the likelihood of your website being closed just as soon as it was opened (indicating that it is being shown to the wrong target audience);
  • improved user experience: higher probability that users will find exactly what they were looking for;
  • higher return on investment.

How Do Our Localisation Specialists Create the Best SEO Translations?

Translating keywords requires accurate and meticulous work. But SEO translations have another significant aspect: understanding the competitiveness of certain keywords in the target language and being aware of similar keywords. Choosing the best keywords takes some research to find out which words (and how often) are used in the target language. This can be done both by your SEO specialist and by our professionals. More often than not, SEO translations come with a list of source language keywords, which are then matched with the best and most fitting keywords in the target language to preserve the original meaning whilst using popular and common words.


How Can We Help with Your SEO and Google Ads Translations?

In response to the changes in the market, SEO and Google Ads translations is one of the fastest-growing localisation fields.

Skrivanek Baltic has more than 25 years of experience in the translation industry, and our team includes localisation specialists working in more than 110 language combinations. Our localisation specialists have the specific knowledge and experience needed for demanding SEO and Google Ads translations.

Are you in need of an SEO or Google Ads translation? Looking for a language solution or a consultation?

We will prepare a tailored solution and consult you on your subject of interest.


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What type of services do you provide?

We provide great variety of language – translation and interpreting services, localisation services, text adaptation, copywriting, DTP and language training. Interpreting is provided at conferences and business meetings, as well as during court proceedings. Translating includes specialised and general translations across a variety of industries.

Do you provide services to natural persons?

Although most of our translation requests come from legal entities, we gladly work with natural persons as well. Notary-certified translations is the most common service among natural persons. Language courses, and camps for children and youths are also popular.

Is the translation done by the same person I am communicating with?

No, all translation orders are accepted and overseen by project managers, who form an effective link between clients and suppliers. Skrivanek Baltic translators and interpreters can provide services in more than 110 languages.

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