SIA Skrivanek Baltic contact person in whistleblowing matters is Jeļena Lapoška, the Head of the Administrative Department.
Phone: +371 67240364
Email address: [email protected] (the preferred way for submitting whistleblowing reports)


In the event of whistleblowing, confidentiality is ensured. A reply to the received report will be prepared within two weeks of receiving it. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent within 3 business days.

Anonymous reports, anonymous emails, or anonymous phone calls are not considered whistleblowing reports.

If SIA Skrivanek Baltic finds that the question under consideration is not in their competence, the report will be forwarded to a competent authority.

The whistleblower has the right to BLOW THE WHISTLE on the following violations:

corruption and fraud; violation of binding ethical or professional norms; failure to act or negligence of officials, or abuse of the official position by them; violation in the field of public procurement; squandering of financial resources or property of a public person; public health threat; environmental safety threat; labour safety threat; violation of human rights; violation of competition rights; and other cases referred to in the Whistleblowing Law.

What is NOT regarded as whistleblowing?

Deliberate provision of false information, disclosure of information containing an official secret, and reporting only on infringements of personal interests.

If a person has submitted the submission without indicating that it is a whistleblower’s report, then, before the submission has been examined on its merits, the person can request to recognise this submission as a whistleblower’s report.

One of the following mechanisms may be used to blow the whistle:

1) internal whistleblowing system;
2) turning to a competent authority;
3) through the intermediation of the contact point, association, or foundation of whistleblowers, including a trade union or an association thereof.

The internal whistleblowing procedure has been prepared on the basis of the Whistleblowing Law. The purpose of the Whistleblowing Law is to promote whistleblowing on violations in the public interest and to ensure the establishment and operation of whistleblowing mechanisms, as well as the due protection of whistleblowers.