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AI-generated marketing text proofreading and revision

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Nowadays, AI technology can create almost anything from marketing texts and artistic images to musical compositions in just minutes or even seconds. The technology is readily available and promising. What is it like in reality? The language experts at Skrivanek are convinced that in order to achieve business results and effective marketing communications abroad, the support of language professionals is a must.

It is important to not only know how to ask the right ChatGPT query and get the text you want quickly but also to make sure it matches the exact tone of your company’s brand message – compelling, effective and doesn’t sound like it’s machine-generated. The text needs to be well-thought-out and of high quality to make the reader want to read the text, share it with friends and acquaintances, and make it more visible in Google search. With texts generated by an AI tool, it is important to check not only the grammar (e.g., syntax and morphology) but also the content and factual correctness of the text and its relevance to your needs. Not sure how to make certain that the text you have generated in English or in a foreign language is readable and free of errors? Skrivanek will help you gain confidence and check that the text you have produced with the help of an artificial intelligence tool is logical, free of factual (made-up facts, figures, etc.), grammatical and stylistic errors, convincing and not overly generic, as well as consistent with your company’s brand and identity, even in languages you don’t speak.

Even if you need to redesign your existing website content to best meet SEO (search engine optimisation) requirements and the AI tool has identified and recommended a number of changes to boost your website’s position in search engines, but you are not sure that the recommendations are valid and logical, the language experts at Skrivanek are here to help.

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