What is consecutive interpreting and what should you know about this service?

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter first listens to the speaker and then interprets what they have said into another language.

The interpreter sits together with the participants, listens to what they are saying and then, based mainly on the notes made, interprets it into another language. There are two types of consecutive interpreting: short and long. Short consecutive interpreting means that interpreting is done after two to three sentences, which is often the practice in business negotiations, short-term visits, museums, etc. Whereas long consecutive interpreting, which is increasingly popular, is the interpretation of segments that are anywhere between 5–20 minutes long. In the modern world, consecutive interpreting is often replaced by simultaneous interpreting, yet it is still used in various meetings (such as technical briefings, business dinners, small groups, field trips). Good, professional interpreters are even capable of interpreting long conversations in great detail.
What makes a good consecutive interpretation:
  • accurate “transposition” of the message/idea into the target language
  • faithfulness to both content and tonality
  • quick and fluent narration in a calm, collected and steady manner
  • unambiguous and elegant use of language
  • good contact with the speaker and the audience
How many interpreters does it take?

The number of languages usedThe minimum number of interpreters*
From two languages into two languages2
From three languages into three languages3

* In exceptional cases that still respect the principles of quality and occupational health, two interpreters can be replaced with one and three interpreters can be replaced with two.

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Our most popular language combinations for consecutive interpreting:

Latvian–English–Latvian; Estonian–English–Estonian; Lithuanian–English–Lithuanian; Russian–English–Russian; Swedish–Latvian–Swedish, Spanish–Latvian–Spanish, Italian–Latvian–Italian, Russian– Latvian–Russian and others.

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