Conference interpreting is all about oral communication: relaying the spoken text from one language into another naturally and fluently, adapting the message and conveying the speaker’s intonation and attitude to other people.

International conferences are attended by people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and varying levels of language proficiency. The interpreter’s job is to facilitate communication by interpreting key ideas rather than separate words.


What we offer:

  • professional simultaneous interpreters with appropriate language skills, working in 30-minute shifts
  • equipment, such as interpreter booths, headphones, transmitters, and technical support
  • help and consultations at all stages of your event: interpreting, desktop publishing (DTP) and printing of conference materials and invitations, installation of conference equipment, hotel booking and guest accommodation, catering and banquets, excursions in the city, etc.
  • professional consultations on the organisation of conferences, symposiums, congresses and training

Our most popular areas of conference interpreting:

taxes and underground economy; EU policies and cross-border cooperation; construction; finance and banking; information technologies; law; agriculture; medicine; pharmaceuticals; clinical trials; real estate; telecommunications; etc.

Looking for interpreting services or consultation?

We will prepare a tailored solution and consult you on your subject of interest.


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Our most popular language pairs for conference interpreting:

Latvian–English; German–Latvian; Latvian–German; Lithuanian–Latvian; English–Latvian; Estonian–English; English–Estonian; Lithuanian–English; English–Lithuanian; Russian–English; English–Russian and others.

Reliability, speed and quality of services

The employees of Skrivanek are helpful, accommodating, and have an understanding approach to the specifics of our pharmaceutical translation tasks and translations from various language combinations. Orders are executed to a high standard in accordance with the highest professional and ethical competence and according to deadlines set.

KRKA d.d.

We recommend Skrivanek Baltic as a reliable partner for any large scale projects requiring professional language services.

Sandoz d.d.

The employees of Skrivanek are helpful and have an understanding approach to the specifics of our translation tasks from Baltic languages. Adidas Baltic recommends other companies to use the services provided by this company.

Adidas Baltics

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