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Localisation of E-learning Content and Solutions


Thanks to the opportunities provided by the Internet, you can attract customers from different countries to your business. If you offer e-learning, including various online courses, we recommend you to localise all content or the learning system in a language of your choice.

Any type of learning, including e-learning, should provide top-quality content to students which allows them to acquire new knowledge. There are many skills, competences, and knowledge that can be acquired online – and it is great if it is possible to do it in one’s mother tongue. In this regard, Skrivanek Baltic will provide you assistance. The company has twenty-five years of experience in translating, localising, and adapting a wide range of content according to the market to be acquired. With our help, you will be able to address your potential customers in their language, thus gaining popularity outside the local market, too.

Being aware of the growing popularity of e-learning and various online courses, every provider of such a service must take into account the following: in order to attract students in a particular region, it must be possible to address them directly, immediately, and personally. Therefore, it is great if you have the opportunity to offer courses in the language of the specific target audience. At the same time, there are industries in which a learning platform operating in one of the world’s major languages – EnglishSpanishGermanFrench, or another language – would be very useful.

Localisation of content and solutions means that your e-learning platform, including all its learning materials and the additional materials you have developed, will be adapted to the needs of the speakers of the specific language. In order to achieve top-quality results, we guarantee that the content will not be simply translated, but also adapted to the target market. Localisation and adaptation is a creative process which requires in-depth knowledge in the specific area. Skrivanek Baltic specialists have great knowledge not only in the area you represent, but also in the cultural environment of the users of the specific language. Our specialists will also help you assess the extent to which the content you have prepared fits your potential target audience and whether more specific preparation is required.

Contact our project managers in order to find out how quickly we can localise the e-learning content or platform you have developed for the market of your chosen target language!


What type of services do you provide?

We provide great variety of language – translation and interpreting services, localisation services, text adaptation, copywriting, DTP and language training. Interpreting is provided at conferences and business meetings, as well as during court proceedings. Translating includes specialised and general translations across a variety of industries.

Do you provide services to natural persons?

Although most of our translation requests come from legal entities, we gladly work with natural persons as well. Notary-certified translations is the most common service among natural persons. Language courses, and camps for children and youths are also popular.

Is the translation done by the same person I am communicating with?

No, all translation orders are accepted and overseen by project managers, who form an effective link between clients and suppliers. Skrivanek Baltic translators and interpreters can provide services in more than 110 languages.


We will prepare a tailored solution and consult you on your subject of interest.


We have vast experience in translating texts on various subjects.

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The employees of Skrivanek are helpful, accommodating, and have an understanding approach to the specifics of our pharmaceutical translation tasks and translations from various language combinations. Orders are executed to a high standard in accordance with the highest professional and ethical competence and according to deadlines set.

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We recommend Skrivanek Baltic as a reliable partner for any large scale projects requiring professional language services.

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The employees of Skrivanek are helpful and have an understanding approach to the specifics of our translation tasks from Baltic languages. Adidas Baltic recommends other companies to use the services provided by this company.